SEBO automatic X4 Upright Vacuum- Blue

SEBO automatic X4 Upright Vacuum- Blue
  • SEBO automatic X4 Upright Vacuum- Blue
  • $679.00 USD
  • When it comes to upright vacuums, the Intelligent Choice is automatic X, the most technically advanced vacuum in the world! Designed for both carpets and hard floors, the electronic controller ensures optimum performance on both types of surfaces.

    When it comes to Upright Vacuums, the Intelligent Choice is Automatic.  The automatic X4 machine with a 12” cleaning path will give exceptional cleaning performance, automatically adjusting itself to the optimum cleaning height.

    Automatic Height Adjustment-The SEBO automatic X4 automatically senses the level of the carpet or hard floors. This is controlled by a micro processor, keeping the brush at the optimum cleaning level, even compensating for brush wear. If the brush becomes jammed, it will automatically shut the machine off, preventing damage to the brush, belt and whatever you picked up.

    Light and Compact-  The SEBO automatic X4 is less than 17 pounds making it easy to operate and store.

    Powerful performance-  The SEBO automatic X4 has an impressive 1300 watt motor.

    Quiet operation-  Using the SEBO automatic X4 means next time you vacuum in the morning you won’t wake up your whole family.

    Efficient Power-Active Height Control, a Timing Belt-driven Brush Roller, and an Intelligent Filter Configuration allow the automatic X series to clean effectively while using less energy..

    Cord Length-  The machine has a 40 -foot cord so you can cover a large surface area without constantly changing outlets.

    Easily Accessible Attachments-  Easy to use, pull out attachments, long reach hose, wand, furniture nozzle, and dusting brush. The attachments are easy to use and work extremely well.

    Three Steps of Filtration-  The SEBO automatic X delivers S-Class filtration as a standard feature and is well suited for sufferers of allergies or asthma.  First, the three-layer filter bag collects the vast majority of the debris. Then, the remainder of the particles are collected by the micro-hygiene filter. Only the smallest, most harmless of particles remain. And to ensure you the cleanest air possible, there is also an exhaust filter.


    Motor: 1300 watts

    Airflow: 103.8 cfm

    Waterlift: 92 inches

    Height Adjust: Electronic

    Belt: Lifetime Guarantee

    Weight: 16.7 pounds

    Noise level: 69 dBA

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