Upright and Canister Vacuum Repair


Certified Vacuum always offers an ESTIMATE on all vacuum repairs.

This helps you decide if your vacuum is worth repairing.

I can’t begin to tell you how many people discard a vacuum over a belt or a clogged filter. Chances are it’s repairable for much less than the cost of having to purchase a new vacuum.  In many cases it’s as simple as a broken/worn out belt or a clog, and although your vacuum may appear broken to you or may not seem to work as well as it used to,  it’s usually is an inexpensive fix.  Your belt should be replaced once a year depending of how frequently you use your vacuum.

Our labor rates are less than our competitors’ plus we provide a Complete Service which includes:

  1. Check Belt-Replace if necessary
  2. Check Agitator Brushes-Replace if necessary
  3. Disassemble,Clean,and Grease Agitator
  4. Check Electrical System
  5. Check Outer Bag (uprights only)
  6. Disassemble Motor
  7. Check Motor Bearings
  8. Clean and Grease Motor Bearings if necessary
  9. Check Motor Brushes
  10. Check Armature and Field
  11. Check Motors Fan System
  12. Lube All Moving Parts
  13. Clean Exterior
  14. Bench Test
  15. Replace Paper Bag


And Remember… You can order supplies right here on our website
backed with expert phone service to
make sure you get the exact item(s) you need

We Repair All Makes and Models.  Domestic and Commercial. Some of the brands are listed below.

Please visit our Central Vacuums Repair page for more info on Central Vacuum repair or installation.

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