A lot of homeowners ponder the idea of installing a new central vacuum system. A lot take the so-called easier route and just go to Kmart or their local home improvement store and buy a regular vacuum, thinking it will handle their cleaning needs. Your immediate needs will be met, but we are going to go over the Top 5 Benefits of a Central Vacuum Systems so you can make your own educated decision when it is your turn to decide.

??#1 – Less Work?
Say good-bye to that heavy vacuum you have to pull and push around. You never again will get caught up on the power cord or have to play jump rope with it. Best of all, you will never have to wrestle your vacuum up the stairs again.

#2 – No Mess?
When you have a central vacuum system installed usually the power unit is in the garage or the basement, which means all the noise and dirt stays on the outside of the house. No more kids and pets getting scared when that loud screeching vacuum is turned on!

#3 – Quieter
Because central vacuum system units are stationary and out-of-the-way, it can house a bigger motor. Bigger motor, means extra power to get your cleaning down compared to a handheld vacuum.

#4 – More Options
Central Vacuum systems comes are standard to come with long hoses. Some are 30 feet long! The system gives you the option to plug into several outlets throughout the house, which is so convenient.

#5 – House Value
I am saving the best for last! Simply having a central vacuum system installed in your house will increase the resale value of your home of about $2,000. That is a resourceful investment!